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Afraid of books? You should be.

Sidekick Books is manned by Jon Stone and Kirsten Irving, under the auspices of notorious ex-alchemist Dr Fulminare (that's 'fuhl-muh-nar-ee'). We've been around since 2009.

Here’s what we believe:

A BOOK is a potent thing. All books have talismanic properties. To carry a book is to carry a quantity of the unknown, a flask of secret fire. Even the stupidest books have hidden compartments. A book is a rogue element, even on a bookshelf full of other books.

A POEM is a potent thing. It has no natural place or purpose. It could be a spell, a song, a story, a sculpture, a treasure, a trinket, a toy, a riddle, a nugget, a potion, a record, a rune. A poem is a broken-off sliver. A poem is slippery.

MEDDLING is the most essential of arts. All artists are meddlers. All children are meddlers. There is no way to measure the effects of meddling. The briefest, most forgiveable of trespasses might doom or rescue a civilisation. Meddling widens the cracks in dusty hierarchies.

We make books.

We publish poems.

We meddle.

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