Dr Fulminare Noctule Bat


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  Dr Fulminare

  Editorial Overseer / Innovator / Alchemist

Dr Fulminare (pronounced fuhl-muh-nar-ee) once held a seat on the Council of Alchemists, but was subsequently expelled from the entire Guild for reasons not disclosed by either party. He now considers himself something of a freelancer, and has developed a specific interest in the potential for chimerical experimentation in literature and the arts. He understands the reading public to be willing guinea pigs in this regard and welcomes their (that is, your) participation. While he designates most of the actual responsibilities of running Sidekick Books to Kirsty and Jon, his guiding eye is never far away from a project and he enjoys penning blurbs and introductions to the various books whenever it takes his fancy.

He resides in an unlicensed laboratory somewhere deep in the heart of the English countryside, where he keeps a large underground library of banished or forgotten books and a healthy collection of dangerous testing equipment, materials, by-products and leftovers. His means of income are unknown and very likely unscrupulous.