Finders Keepers

poems by Harry Man
illustrations by Sophie Gainsley

£6.50 + postage, July 2016, 56pp

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Shorelines, lowlands, moors, churches, waysides, varieties all over.

Bounteous, questing, high spirited yet melancholy-edged, Finders Keepers is a poetic field guide to Britain’s vanishing wildlife – the fruits of a year-long project which has seen poet Harry Man and illustrator Sophie Gainsley geocaching their work in public spaces across the country to memorialise the many species that have been brought to the brink (and beyond) of extinction.

In this distracted age, who even notices the dwindling of the High Brown Fritillary or River Lamprey? This book does the important work of paying attention, its poems and illustrations as strange and beautiful as the endangered species they bear witness to. Harry Man and Sophie Gainsley make it impossible to look away.