Dr Fulminare Noctule Bat



7 - Adore

November 2006


Americans adore me and will go on adoring me until I say something nice about them.
– George Bernard Shaw

Original Blurb

Adore is Fuselit's 7th issue. It includes cross-stitching from Sian Moore, Tim Smillie on the Rockford Files, and Alan Murrin recalling hard times at Harbour Heights – plus all the sweet poetry we could entice with our fluttering pages.

Jonís had to step into the ring a few times on art duties. Adoreís cover featured a certain famous poet speared through the heart by love, just prior to making it through 'a door'. Alan Murrinís ĎHard Times at Harbour Heights', one of the strongest pieces in this edition, told of a father, sat in a kitchen, almost broken, but for the coach-like back-up of his wife. Tim Smillieís foray into the Rockford Files was an energetic romp, while Nicoletta A Poulakidaís caustic ĎFacelessí grabbed me immediately.

With Adore, we continued using borders to develop the visual theme of the issue, even though some of them came close to getting cut off. This time it was a dangling chain of heart-shaped links. I have to admit I struggled to get beyond the romantic connotations of the spur word this time round.