Dr Fulminare Noctule Bat



11 - Cabaret

Winter 2007


What good is sitting alone in your room? / Come hear the music play. / Life is a Caberet, old chum – / Come to the Cabaret! – Sally Bowles

Original blurb:

Cabaret is Fuselit's 11th issue. It features a can-can of visual artistry topping a variety show of new writing – that's short stories and poetry – from both Fuselit regulars like John Osbourne and Bek Galloway and frisky newcomers like Astrid Duffy and Aditi Machado. The CD features songs by folk-pirate Ben Tallamy and part-time electronica alchemist MDK, as well as a suitably vaudedevillian interlude from the Brothers Burleskimo. Comes in a black fishnet stocking.

Cabaret was a black and red den of iniquity, housed in a ribbon-tied black fishnet stocking. A cut out cover was the door to a slightly labyrinthine adventure. Fold-out pages (including a disturbing robotic version of Joel Gray’s Emcee), a black-sewn spine and bags of colour and action, this was hard work, but fun to make. Ben Tallamy, nemesis of Aled Jones, Jack Sparrow’s rightful heir and perhaps the true embodiment of cabaret, featured on the soundtrack to this one, while poetry came from a chorus line of talent, including Tim Hurley and the brilliant Aditi Machado.

Now armed with a fairly reliable printer, we were able to plan the layout of the issue more intricately. We could print some pages on A4, some on A5, hang sections of text upside down, make cuts half way across – anything we could think of to make it fold out in different ways. It was also the first issue where we substituted the staples for thread. I'm not sure about that stocking though.