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18 - Amazon

Spring 2015


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All 6,347 kilometres of the second-longest river in the world snake through Amazon, the 18th issue of Fuselit - by which we mean that a map of the river, from its source through to its basin, is printed across its 56 compact pages, subtly weaving between poems and prose by:

Vidyan Ravinthiran • Andrew Pidoux • Sophie Mayer • Chris Jackson • Katrina Naomi • Beth Jellicoe • Karin Henderson • M. P. Dean • Josh Ekroy • Sophie Mackintosh • Kate Noakes • Anthony Adler • Noel Sloboda • Ben Parker • Felix Dowsley • Jenny Holden • Stephen Lynch • Graham Tugwell

With sumptuous full-colour photographs and art provided by:
Zara Sumpton • Fabio Sassi • Ali Wisch • Eleanor Leonne Bennett • Chantal James

The print edition, as well as being stamped with an embossed gold monkey and a big green frog, includes eight free postcards charting an imaginary correspondence between Werner Herzog and Klaus Kinski as their relationship breaks down yet again on a mud-logged film set in Peru. To top it off, the box contains a little gold owl pendant.

This is the penultimate issue of Fuselit in its current form, and there are only 100 print copies available.