Dr Fulminare Noctule Bat



2 - Catapult

November 2005


One issue down, at this point, the main difficulty was in not simply calling on the same names again for the second edition. We didnít manage a completely new set of names but most Catapult contributors hadnít been in Demo, and many had visited the stall and shown an interest. This became part of one of my favourite aspects of the magazine – the community that developed, made up of people who enjoyed playing with writing challenges, applying them to their own style, and who appreciated the idea of interaction thatís really the key to something like Fuselit. Jon designed the cover, and we went for a two-tone blue and mono affair, which cost a little more down the uni print shop. I should have seen then Jonís demented ambitions forming.

As I recall, Catapult was printed on a slightly higher grade paper than our first issue due to a misunderstanding at the University library. It remained resolutely A5 and stapled, although we'd cleaned the formatting up a little. Many of our contributors returned for a second run, including Joe Dunthorne and David Floyd. The cover this time was, rather obviously, a trebuchet launching a hawk.